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How do I change the time limit on a non-tournament game?

Answer: You can change the time limit for non-tournament games only. Tournament time limits cannot be changed.

Non-tournament time limits can be changed with your opponent's permission. For example, you would use this feature if you're in a 3-day game, and you're going on vacation for a week or so. You'd change the time limit to 21 or 30 days until you return.

Under each non-tournament game board you'll see a link that says 'Ask opponent to change time limit'. Click on that link to send a request for a time limit change. A message will be sent to your opponent requesting the change, and they can either accept or decline the change.

If they accept the change, then the time limit is changed, and a new 'move by' date is calculated. This new time limit will remain in effect for the rest of the game (unless it is changed again).

If you're playing multiple games, you'll have to do this for each game that you want to change the time limit for.

Remember, your opponent is not obligated to agree to the change. If they decline your request, do not harass them about it-- if they signed up for a 3-day game, they may not want to change to a longer time limit. Agreeing to your request is a courtesy-- please be polite about it.

Some other things to keep in mind:
  • This is valid for non-tournament games only
  • Games must still be in progress
  • Both players must agree to the new time limit

Once a non-tournament game is timed out, it cannot be restored. So you'll want to change the time limit BEFORE you go on vacation.

As always, if you're playing a game with someone you know, we recommend setting the time limit at 30 days, even if you know you'll be making moves every day. Unexpected circumstances do arise, and it's better to have some extra time to handle those situations.

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