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I timed out in a tournament game, but I had a good reason. Is there any way I can continue these games?

Answer: Tournament games can be restored if your opponent agrees.

You can do this by pulling up the game board of the games that were timed out. One easy way to do this is to click on the review this game link in the Oh Well (timed out) message that was sent to you. Another way is to look at your tournament summary, and keep clicking down to the games until you find the games that were timed out.

After you pull up the game board:

  1. Look for the link under the game board that says, Ask opponent to re-activate this tournament game.
  2. Click on this link, and include a short note on why you timed out
  3. Click SEND to send the message.
  4. Your opponent will have the choice whether to continue the game or not.

Only games that have timed out in the last 7 days can be restored. This is in the interest of keeping the tournaments moving, since all sections in a round have to end before the next one can begin.

Please remember that resuming tournament games after they've been timed out is a courtesy, so please don't harass your opponent if they decline your request. Also, if they agree, you may want to return the favor in the future for someone else who times out, and has a good reason.

While your games are timed out, there is a chance that the next round will start. If it does and you are not in it, you will not make it into the next round, even if your games are restored.

Battleboats, Sabotage, their variations, and Dark Chess present a special problem. Once they have timed out, all secret locations of ships and pieces are revealed, so restoring a game actually means starting a whole new game. Because of this, these games will only be restored if they have less than 10 moves made per side. Restoring games with more moves made would delay the tournament too much.

We understand that these conditions may seem a bit restrictive. However, since the tournaments already take several months to complete, it's difficult for us to extend the time limits any further.

Please contact us using our online contact form if you have any questions about this process or if you run into any problems.

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